Evil Hunters - Play & Earn Crypto

Evil Hunters is a new cross - platform game owned and operated by its players.

Get NFT, Earn Crypto, Buy Characters and exchange it with others.

Team up in squads with your friends and fight the enemies. Or go to the dark side and interfere with the team of heroes

The stronger the squad, the greater the reward in battles.

Evil Hunters Gameplay

The genre of the game is a roguelike with step-by-step combat, squad pumping.
At the moment, there are 3 types of Playable Characters in the game - Heroes, Enemies & Bosses. Each type has its own unique mission and fighters
After each victory, the player has a chance for a reward in the form of "Hunter Coins", Leveling points and New Characters in the form of NFT

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Variety of game locations

Complete your character's mission and unlock more than 25 beautiful locations with different weather conditions and special challenges
Each location is unique in its own way and has a special soundtrack

Unique Characters

At the moment, the game features more than 20 different Playable Characters and this is just the beginning!

Each character has special abilities and skills. An excellent balance allows us to say with confidence that all the characters are more or less equal to each other

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Some of our most common questions asked

What is Evil Hunters?
Evil Hunters is a 3D Multiplayer game built with ENJIN Blockchain technology giving players an opportunity to “Play to Earn”.
How Can I Start Playing?
You can simply navigate to https://evilhunters.com/download/ (or Click Here) and download our game. This is a free to play game and you do not need anything except for a Windows PC or Mobile to play.
Do I Need To Buy Anything to Play?
Evil Hunters is free to play. At the initial stage, 2 game characters are available to you. One is from the Enemy class and the other is from the Hero class. To start earning and get more emotions from the game, it's worth visiting the Shop and buying new characters
How Can I Earn Playing Evil Hunters?
Players earn "Hunter Coins" (in game currency) from a multitude of things they can do in the game. Whether you want to be a trader or hunt down NPC you can earn "Hunter Coins". Future releases will allow you to exchange your "Hunter Coins" for ERC 20 tokens which can be sold on a exchange at a later date. Currently you can earn a assortment of NFTs playing Evil Hunters along with in game drops.
When is the release on Mobile and Mac OS?
Our team is actively developing and adapting the Mobile version of the game and the website. This is difficult, since the game is cross-platform. The approximate release date is the 3rd quarter of 2022. As for the Mac version, its release will take place simultaneously with the release on Steam(end of 2022)